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Beaches in Ciutadella: which ones are worth it and how do I get to them?

The Caribbean is closer than you think

If you have taken a look online, you will know that in Menorca you can find beaches that are quite close to the general idea of ​​what the Caribbean is. Crystal clear turquoise waters and fine white sand that sparkles with the sun. Here, we trade palm trees for pines, it is true. But for the rest, the picture could belong to one of those exotic places that we dream of thanks to the cinema.

Well, stop dreaming. Because if many of our guests return to the island, it is precisely because of its nature. And, above all, by the more than 100 beaches and coves that cut the coast every few kilometers.

The good thing about staying in one of our hotels is that you have more than one of these dreamy coves just a few steps away.. They are Xoriguer and Cala en Bosch you have them five minutes walk from the Princesa Playa and 15 from Menorcamar. Cala Blanca, Sa Caleta, and Santandria are also a stroll away from the Spa Sagitario Playa, Vista Playa Apartments and Villas Sagitario. In fact, if you stay at our new hotelGran Sagitario,you have the cove of Santandria almost at the foot of the hotel. A pine forest separates your room from this small family beach that has services for people with reduced mobility, surveillance and water activities such as kayak rental.

However, the extreme beauty of the Menorcan coast can be seen in the virgin beaches . Those that flee from civilization and that are an almost mandatory option if you arrive in Menorca as a couple or with friends. It is also possible to go as a family, although we warn you that being undeveloped coves, you will have to walk for a while. And always carry everything you need with you: from sunscreen to umbrella, food and water to get through the day.

The southern beaches

Ciutadella, where all the Sagitario Hotels establishments are located, has a good handful of beaches and coves that are some of the most visited in Menorca. As we mentioned a moment ago, these paradises are far from civilization, and you will need a vehicle - your own or a public vehicle - to reach them. The most prominent on the south coast are:

  • Macarella and Macarelleta. They have been protagonists in various commercial advertisements. They usually appear on lists of the best beaches in Spain. And when you arrive and meet the beauty of Macarella, you understand why. High cliffs protect the bay that guards both sandbanks, in which the water is so crystal clear that the boats seem to float in an invisible sea. To get to both coves you must travel to Ciutadella. At the station located next to the cinemas you will find the bus line that will take you to the Macarella car park, as it is forbidden to arrive in your own car due to road congestion. A half-hour excursion by mini bus and a 10-minute descent through a Mediterranean pine forest will take you to the largest of the coves. It is the only one on the list where you will find some civilization, as there is a restaurant on the beach that serves mixed dishes and paellas. To get to Macarelleta, get ready to go through some more heat. Follow the path marked on the right bank of Macarella, which climbs the cliff and circles the coast to Macarelleta. The views of the walk are pure spectacle.
  • Son Saura it has a much easier access. By car or motorcycle, you can leave your vehicle in the large parking lot that is a few meters from the sand. This time, the place is totally wild, so don't expect to find a place to buy a bottle of water. The Son Saura beach is divided into two beaches: Es Banyul, which is the first one you will come across, and Bellavista. This usually has much more sand than the first, although you will have to walk a little more to get there.
  • Cala en Turqueta. This small cove has had its scenic role in 2021 thanks to the announcement of a well-known beer brand. It is arguably a less spectacular version - but with the same charm - of Macarella. To get there, you must go to the parking lot and leave your car there. The walk is about 15 minutes on a dirt road and little shade, so take the necessary protection with you.

    These three virgin coves are accessed by the Camí de Sant Joan de Missa . A sign at the entrance indicates whether the car parks are free or have already been filled, which is quite common in summer. One tip: get up early if you want to get through the morning. Or try to enter in the late afternoon to enjoy the last hours of light with a little more calm.

The northern beaches

The north coast of Menorca offers a somewhat different aspect from the Caribbean-looking coves, with turquoise waters and white sand, of the south coast. The great geological diversity of the island makes each cove different. And comparing the beauty of the beaches of the north with those of the south is impossible. Each coast has its charm. That is why we encourage you to also bet on the ones that we propose in this list.

  • La Vall it is one of the longest sandy areas on the Ciutadella coast. Access is possible in your own vehicle, although you also have a bus that will take you to the parking closest to the beach. The walk in this case does not last two minutes. After a short stretch of forest, the bay of Algaiarens opens up before your eyes, where you will find the beaches of Es Tancats -the first you will see upon arrival- and Es Bot. The latter demands a 20-minute walk through the pine forest, but its pastel blue waters are well worth the effort.
  • Cala Morell It is another of the corners with a very particular geology. In this case, the sandy cove is replaced by a rock cove. But with a special magnetism if you want to discover unique places in Menorca. It is located in the urbanization of the same name, and you can reach it by car from Ciutadella in just under 10 minutes. In the surroundings of Cala Morell you have different establishments where you can eat and drink. It is the only cove on the list that is surrounded by civilization.
  • Cala Pilar It is one of the jewels that we Menorcan appreciate the most. Getting to this cove of red sand is more complicated than the ones we have mentioned before. To get there, you must leave Ciutadella on the main road, the ME-1. And take the detour that is halfway between Ciutadella and Ferreries. Once inside the rural road, you must follow the indications to the parking lot and leave your car there. The walk to the cove is approximately half an hour, so we recommend that you do the excursion first thing in the morning to avoid the hottest hours. Being more difficult to access than the rest, we assure you that it will also be less crowded.

    For options to discover coves further away from our hotels it won't be, right? Now it will be up to you to decide which of these paradises is the one that will bring you back to Menorca.

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